Why We Are Supporting No More Page 3

We are very proud to be joining Girl Guiding, Unison, the NUT, many other fantastic organisations and at time of writing 119,858 petitioners in supporting the No More Page 3 campaign.

1236331_585489388180912_1060626777_nNMP3 supporter in campaign Tee

OUR STATEMENT OF SUPPORT: Over the last year we have been working with girls and young women asking them to create their own media. All but a very small section of our population; and even those who are represented have their physical attributes over-exposed compared to any of their other human qualities. The sexualised, digitally manipulated images we see all around us are generated to make a profit at the expense of young women’s self-esteem, security and health.

Page 3 is the pinnacle of acceptable sexism, a daily image of a (usually white, slim, tanned) young woman for the consumption of men. It is limiting, crass and has no place in the 21st Century. It’s not that there is no place for nakedness, we believe bodies are beautiful and useful and strong and most of all varied. Our tabloid press really should grow-up about the human body, at best Page 3 is immature, at worst it’s damaging to our collective perception of a young woman’s place in the world.

We want all people to be valued for their character, talents and interests. Our national press should too. We’ve got a long way to go, but getting rid of Page 3 would be a fantastic start.

We want young people to have good choices, varied media and stand on equal footing socially and politically, therefore Shape Your Culture supports No More Page 3.

She didn't buy it 2 sm
Cartoon designed by NMP3 Supporter.

No More Page 3 is a fantastic example of creative activism.

With their very reasonable and polite request to the editor of The Sun and their harnessing of the creativity at their disposal, the No More Page 3 campaigners have inspired thousands of people to contribute to what has now become a national dialogue involving Politicians, notable organisations, journalists, comedians, singers, models, actors, bloggers, poets, artists, students and more, adding their voices and varied talents to help the issue gain visibility and support.

The humour and commitment of No More Page 3 has inspired many people who’d never have considered themselves capable of (or even interested in) activism, to say something publicly they realise they’d been dying to say for years. The campaign has awakened the inner activist in those who may not initially have agreed, but whose minds have been changed because of the open and evolving public debate.


NMP3 Team in their Tees

As with many other successful campaigns that have relied on public support, NMP3 have made it as easy as possible for people to get involved, they sell T-Shirts and badges (which fund their activities) and images of people wearing their T-Shirts make up a big part of the campaign. The creativity and momentum is also pushed on by people making their own imaginative designs, writing blogs, singing songs, using social media and varied guerrilla activism!


Downloadable campaign flyers.

Along with other amazing feminist activism which has used the power of social media, such as the Everyday Sexism Project and Caroline Criado-Perez’s successful campaign to keep a woman on our currency, No More Page 3 has helped create a space where people can discuss the unequal way the media treats the sexes, and has meant women feel they can voice how they feel about media sexism in this country. We’re all part of the conversation and we all have a stake in how people are treated in our media and by extension our wider culture. We don’t flourish if just a few people make decisions. Working together we have the power to help shape the world around us. The smallest acts of creative encouragement and resistance change people’s minds and hearts everyday. It’s not easy, and speaking up about things you care about can be scary at times, but it’s also fun and engaging and important and exhilarating and crucially there will always be someone who will thank you for helping them gain the courage to say it with you.

Sign the petition here: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/david-dinsmore-take-the-bare-boobs-out-of-the-sun-nomorepage3