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AnyBody UK

Hello we’re AnyBody UK a charity headed up by Susie Orbach. We’re part of the international movement Endangered Bodies and we work to challenge the limited physical representation of women and girls (and increasingly men and boys) in contemporary society. Shape Your Culture is one element of our work in this area, to learn more, visit our parent website:


Shape Your Culture 2012 – 2013

We set up Shape Your Culture in 2012 with a grant from Rosa UK. SYC began as a project with young women in schools and youth groups, asking them what they wanted to see, hear, say and do. From this starting point we encouraged and facilitated projects where participants shared their hopes, expressed their frustrations and creatively used their voices. The results were truly excellent and inspiring. See these previous projects here.

Shape Your Culture 2014 – Creative Activism

We were very excited in March 2014 to receive another grant from Rosa to continue with Shape Your Culture. Having seen how positive being creative and participating in activism was for the young women we worked with previously, we have re-shaped the project to encourage action and foster discussion, creativity and community for people of any age, gender and location. We hope to show that small gestures such as tweeting a quote about confidence, or big ones, like shooting a film about body-image, are part of the same movement and both have a positive impact. Lasting change happens gradually, the personal is still very much political and we know that small acts can have big consequences, especially when we do them together, share resources and support each other.

So, we are still running workshops and getting out and discussing these issues (see info on our workshops here) but we have also re-developed this site to inspire people to ‘do’ things and share the results. This site complements the workshops and talks so the discussions can carry on. We know that not everyone has time to start a campaign, or even join one, or write a blog or read a book. BUT there are things we can all do to make a difference, even on a personal level. We can take positive steps in our own lives, we can challenge those in power, the media and companies that put profit before people and provoke change in the lives of our friends and families. And together shape the culture we live in.

We’d love for you to join in, you can be any age or gender and from anywhere in the world, you don’t need lots of time or special knowledge or expertise (although if you do, you’re absolutely welcome to use them!). On our home page you’ll find we’ve have a whole host of ‘Actions’ which we’ll keep adding to over time, visit the ‘Picking an Action‘ page for more information on how to choose something to get you started, we look forward to seeing what you get up to!

Alisa, Amy, Jo, Stephanie, Roanna, Vicky, Charlotte
and all of us at AnyBody UK