Taking a ‘No-Body’ Selfie



What’s a No-Body Selfie?

A No-Body Selfie is an image ‘about’ a person that features things that they feel describes them in that moment. We are more than what we look like, we are multi-layered, complex people and just as we look different from day to day, we age, we wear different clothes etc. we also age and our tastes change, we learn more, and have different experiences. But there are things that stay the same, books we love, shoes we keep, things that we think ‘say’ things about us. A No-Body Selfie, is a step away from worry about how we look in a picture on the surface, it’s a different way of describing ourselves to the world. Why not try it?

AnyBody Team Members Alisa, Jo and Louisa did the No-Body Selfie Action.
Here’s what Alisa said:
My challenge was to make/take a no face or body *selfie*. I wanted to subvert the idea of a selfie & make about something more the physically by replacing features with images of my loves & interests. the idea being that a person is far more then the sum of our parts.
Even though my challenge was quick & simple to action, I really enjoyed doing & sharing it. In a world where we are judged & valued on our looks first it was fun to play with this & assertive who I am instead of how I look.