Starting a Campaign


Are you passionate about a need for serious change? Want to have a crack at it? Why not start a campaign, or offer your expertise to an existing one?

A campaign doesn’t have to be massive, it could be an online petition, it could be a Twitter hashtag, it could be local to you, in your town, college, school or workplace. It can be what you have time for, others who feel the same will probably want to help. What you waiting for?

Below is a video on creating a movement and also a list of resources to inspire and inform.

How to Start an Awareness Campaign for Your Cause

This is a brilliant website with loads of resources and ideas.

Do Something

This website gives some simple ideas of how you might start a campaign. Some of these tips can inspire you, but make sure that you follow your own ideas and define your own cause!

Planning a Campaign

Here are various files with tips and strategies.

 Info About Fundraising

 Tips for a Video Campaign

 An example of a Campaign Video