Reading an Article



Want an idea of what’s going on? Need some inspiration? Want to see another side of an argument? Bit too busy to read a book or books right now? Why not hop online (or buy a paper) and plug into what’s current.

You might find things you readily agree with, or quite the opposite. You might find a writer who really chimes with your world view. You might find an opinion piece that really challenges you to see something different. You might find something you want to discuss with others, when you do share with us and others, most online articles are easily shared on social media and most newspaper articles are archived online, although some are behind a paywall.

If you need some paces to start we’re big fans of:

Susie Orbach

Laura Bates

Laurie Penny 

Hannah Pool

Eva Wiseman

Lucy Anne Holmes

Hadley Freeman

But there are many many brilliant writers out there, do share any you find with us!

And please use the comments section to discuss below.