Media Detox



This action involves *not* doing things. Lots of our media, especially the celebrity obsessed pages can be a bit toxic for self-esteem. Sometimes a bit of zen is achieved by putting such things to one side, even for a short period.

We know lots of people who despite really disliking the way The Daily Mail (as one example) treats women’s bodies as entertainment, find the Mail Online creepily fascinating and find themselves there everyday clicking the links against their better judgement. For this we can recommend ‘Kitten Block’. Just install the app for your web browser (link and instructions here: and instead of the Mail you’ll find yourself faced with Tea and Kittens, so much nicer!

If you try this, we’d love top know how you get on. Does it feel better? Do you miss whichever media you decide to avoid? Is it liberating? Use the comment box below.