Going Out for a Picnic


Eating in public can be a fraught experience for many people, women especially. We can feel judged for what we eat, how we eat and where we eat, despite it being a very necessary activity! So to eat in public can be a potent and politically charged thing to do, on a personal and public level.

So if this action grabs you, fill a bag or basket with delicious things, get out in the sunshine (where possible in the UK!) and enjoy some food. You can add to this by discussing how you feel about food and what you find enjoyable about it, and/or how you feel about food as an element in your social and personal life. Do bear in mind that sharing these ideas with friends can be very emotive so if you’re leading a discussion be sensitive and don’t press anyone to speak (or eat) if they’d rather not. It is difficult for many people to enjoy food because of social stigma and pressure around body image, weight and health, so just enjoying a picnic with friends can be a really big deal. Enjoy. And below in comments share any thoughts and maybe pictures of your experience.

Our team member Vicky decided to gather some of her favourite foods and some friends and went out for a political picnic:

Example Political Picnic:

Vicky Chetley

Which ‘SYC Action’ did you choose and why?

I chose to combat my issues with eating in public, especially after the ‘Women Who Eat on the Tube’ facebook group I’ve been almost fearful to eat on transport. I decide to eat publicly alone, and also go out for a public picnic with friends.

How did you find your challenge?

Awesome, I felt really empowered and much better about my issue, and was inspired to go on more public picnics and share the images!

Would you encourage your friends to you this challenge?