Eating Mindfully



Food and eating can be problematic in a world that wants us to consume a great deal but weigh very little. Misleading information about weight, health and the BMI (it’s been discredited) abound and most of us are left feeling a bit lost. So we look for advice, sadly much of that advice encourages us to ignore our bodies’ natural appetites. Pair that with busy, stressful lives it’s no wonder we eat without thinking!

If you’d like to try eating mindfully and intuitively, download our free guide, which can be folded down to fit in a credit card slot in a wallet or purse. The guide is based on Susie Orbach’s book ‘On Eating’. Here’s a blog accompanying the guide. 

Intuitive Eating Guide

It takes time and practice, so don’t beat yourself up if you find it difficult. Really enjoying what we eat and stopping to check in mentally with our tummies and tastebuds is very refreshing. You might be surprised by what you find you are hungry for.

You can use the comment box below to tell us how you’re getting on and talk to others who are trying it out too.