Picking an Action

As you will see on our home page, we have lots of different actions, ranging from very easy and taking less than a minute, to things which can chime with people’s interests and talents and will take a bit longer, or could even become a full-blown project! We want to make it as easy for you all to get involved and feel part of a community. Do as many as you like, be as creative as you like and if you have ideas for more actions let us know!

Scroll down to see information on how the Actions are divided up into categories, what’s on each page and how to comment.

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Action Categories

We have divided the actions up into categories:

Collaborative – Actions that can be done with, or need, more than one person’s participation.

Community – Community focussed actions, whether local or virtual.

Consumer Power – Actions that focus on challenging companies or corporations that put profit over people. This can be very positive and many companies respond well to feedback from customers (or former customers). It can be powerful threatening to take our wallets elsewhere and sharing bad behaviour. This works especially well on Twitter.

Creative – For all of you with artistic flair of all kinds, these are actions with a creative element, maybe you need an excuse to dust off your pencil case, get blogging or dancing, we’ve got prompts for you.

Micro-Action – Actions to get you started if the word activism seems a bit daunting, or for anyone who’s time-poor but wants to get stuck in. Small gestures are part of something big.

Personal is Political – What we do in our lives makes a difference, maybe just to us and we mustn’t underestimate the importance of self-care. Just daring to value ourselves is a political act especially as there are so many daily obstacles to general well-being. So learning, breathing and eating mindfully are all important. This is especially true for activists and anyone looking after others. Having the energy to stand up for yourself is no small thing. Plus if people see you taking care of your body and mind, they might follow suit. This is particularly important for those taking care of children, what you do sends far stronger message than what you say!

Research – Knowledge is power after all! Learning more is always useful personally and also great for sharing with others in the movement. Research actions can also inspire new ideas and actions.

Sharing – Sharing actions are those that are easily sharable on social media. Taken a ‘No-Body Selfie’? Click retweet/share/reblog/pin adding the hashtag #occupyyourbody. Just read a great article? Click retweet/share/reblog/pin adding the hashtag #occupyyourbody. This way we’ll have an amazing and inspiring feed for people to stumble on.

Using the Category Menu

At the top of the home page is a menu, when you land it’s default is to display ‘All’ actions, but you can filter your search, click on any of the categories and all you’ll see are the relevant actions. Simple.

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Action Pages

Every ‘Action’ has it’s own page with an explanation, added info and some have examples and testimonies from those who’ve already had a go. This is also where you can report back, join the conversation and be part of the SYC community. Screenshot 2014-06-30 22.10.47(2)

Being part of the Conversation

Just completed an action? Great, now share your experience! At the bottom of each action’s page is a comment box. You can add text and also upload accompanying images. Max file size 2MB. Screenshot 2014-06-30 22.10.56(2)