Fat is not a feeling

FAT is not a feeling


We want to call out Facebook and have an important discussion in the process. It’s Body Confidence Week and there are lots of discussions going on, things that should be addressed every week, or rather things that have gotten so bad, but we wish we didn’t have to address every week. Facebook’s including ‘fat’ in it’s range of status emoticons brings up something very important; fat is not a feeling.

Fat is an adjective, a descriptive word about a physical attribute. It is not a feeling. We all have fat, we all need fat. But saying ‘I feel fat’ is shorthand for feeling unattractive, unhappy with oneself, for dissatisfaction.

The language we use to describe ourselves and others is powerful, so we must use it wisely. Fat has been demonised to the point of hysteria and used as a way to harm ourselves and others because it has become synonymous with extremely negative things. The more we demonise fat out of our fear of being it and hoping to keep it at bay, whilst singing ‘healthy, healthy, healthy’ without thinking about how we really feel, the more damage we are doing to ourselves and others.

Really, we all need to chill out about fat. Fat is necessary. Fat isn’t the enemy. Fat is demonised because it is profitable to do so. Fat is a feminist issue.

We’re having a Twitter party to chew the fat (sorry) on this very contentious of bodily attributes. We believe talking together, getting creative and being part of a community enacting everyday resistance is the key! Join us on Sunday to end Body Confidence week. We’ll be there with virtual bunting and cake 😉

Fat is not a feeling