Watching a TED Talk



TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and they have been going on since 1984. Lots of innovators, creators and people of note have done TED Talks and we now have access to hundreds online. Passionate, smart and driven people discussing projects and issues important to them. It’s amazing what can become interesting when listening to someone who is passionate and interested talking about it.

We’ve compiled a few here linked to Body Image, Fat, Feminism and Social change, if you dig about on the TED site you’ll find many many more. Share any great ones you find and comment below.

Here are some examples we’ve enjoyed

Sandra Aamodt on why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work

Laura Bates on Everyday Sexism

Amy Cuddy on Body Language

Tracy Spicer- The Lady Stripped Bare

Jane Mcgonigal on Games and Well-Being