Signing an Online Petition


Gathering evidence that lots of people want change used to be the preserve of people dashing about with clipboards in town centres (and go them!) but this is no longer the case. Internet technology has meant we can express our solidarity at the click of a button. Not everyone has time to start a campaign or petition, but those who do want support and for others to share the message.

We’ve compiled a small list of some you might want to sign and share (please send us others to share). Often this means you’ll be updated on progress made and become part of the campaign as one of many voices. You can also share the petitions using social media, it can be an interesting way of finding out which friends feel similarly and be a great talking point even if they don’t*.

Some e-Petitions

Daily Mail Report on women for their achievements, not their partners or what they wear:

ASOS Include size 12, 14 and 16 models on your website:

End FGM:

No More Page 3:

Big Brands Stop Using Alleged Sex Offender Terry Richardson:

Stop the Daily Mail sexualising children:

*Always be respectful if there is a difference of opinion