Looking for different representations

We all want to be represented, and it can be hard if we are not. Most people are not adequately represented by the mainstream, mainly because the mainstream represents the values of commerce and aspiration. Image makers for aspirational publications, products and media want you to want something you do not have, to paraphrase Jean Kilbourne, contented people make bad consumers. So if you do not find images similar to you in our mainstream visual culture, the likelihood is you may feel some tension about where you belong, whether you are adequate and if you need to change things about yourself to fit in. This can be tough. However there are ways of finding more diverse representations although it can take a little patience and you may also find difficult images along the way. But, with sub-cultures and the body acceptance movement flourishing online you might just find images that make you relax a little. You are not alone. So maybe go to Tumblr or Pinterest and search fat fashion or body acceptance or whatever you might be looking for. You never know there might be a community there waiting to welcome you!

fat bodies   Tumblr

Fat Bodies screenshot Tumblr