Changing Something Small in Your Grooming Routine



Do you feel pressure to look a certain way? So many of us conform to what we think we should look like, scared we’ll be judged harshly if we don’t. And although make-up and grooming can be pleasurable and fun, it can also be oppressive and draining if we’re doing it out of obligation and from outside pressure. Perhaps you used to feel that way, but don’t now, but still follow a beauty regime out of habit that you don’t want to follow any more.

Change can be daunting, but feeling freer from pressure to conform is a good thing. Not everyone battles with their appearance, but so many of us do and liberating ourselves from said pressure, if one wants to, can be done in small steps. There are so many images, ads and videos pushing an unattainable ideal, that doing things differently (even small things that others may not notice) is a person taking their body back! We can Occupy our bodies, we ultimately decide how we present ourselves to the world, why not try something a bit different? What might you do in the time not spent curling/straightening hair, shaving, body-scrubbing, dyeing, tanning etc?

It’s a tough one, and not for everybody, but if this is something you want to give a go, tell us about it, we at SYC have stories to share too.

  • Louisa

    I have stopped taking off my ‘tache and it feels liberating. It has taken away the time spent scrutinising whether I need to do it again yet or not.

    • EBSYC

      It’s amazing the amount of time we spend anxious over our bodies behaving entirely naturally! Glad you’re feeling liberated, it’s so wonderful to have weights lifted off our shoulders, even ones we might perceive as unimportant, it’s the little things that can eat away at our confidence. The feeling of saying ‘Oh to hell with it!’ is ace. 🙂 x

  • ShapeYourCulture

    I had to do an event and stand up and speak in front of about 100 people. I thought, I wonder if I can feel confident doing it without wearing a scrap of make-up. Turns out no one was sick at the sight of my bare face and everything still worked properly :). But kidding aside, it was really nice to just NOT CARE. I still wear it occasionally mainly glittery frippery, but I feel if I could do that with out my mask, I could do anything. JO SYC