Activist Interview: Sarah Maple – Artist


Sarah Maple

Sarah Maple completed a BA in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2007 and in the same year won the ‘4 New Sensations’ award for emerging artists, run by The Saatchi Gallery. Sarah’s artwork, film and performances have been exhibited internationally at galleries and institutions including A.I.R Gallery (NY), AGO (Canada), the Southbank Centre (London), The New Art Exchange (Nottingham) and Golden Thread (Belfast). Sarah has also been invited to speak at an Amnesty International event, UK Feminista as well as events at Birmingham, Oxford and Warwick universitie. Sarah has worked collaboratively on film projects with Nick Knight and the Southbank Centre and her work has also been included in publications by the Whitechapel Gallery and Gestalten. She now lives and works in her native Sussex. 

What has been your favourite response to your work?
A Parisian man failing his arms about after seeing my ‘Cocks’ series at my show in Paris. I didn’t even need to understand French to know he wasn’t a fan.
Challenging body oppression in all forms is hugely important. But it can be taxing, how do you keep going?

All the negativity I use as fuel to keep going. When you see the positives affects and the knock on effect this activism brings, there’s no way you can stop!

What is your favourite thing about the activism you do?
Seeing how people are affected by it, when someone tells you what it means to them and that you may have changed something for them, it really is very moving.