Writing a Story


Our lives are made up of stories; our memories are narratives we recall; when we tell our friends or partner about a day we’ve had, it’s a true story we’re creating (often with certain embellishments and flourishes); we pause for effect, we have punch lines, we use descriptive language. Stories are how we understand the world and how we explain it to ourselves and others. Stories can be a very potent way of sharing information, persuading others of a point of view, of inspiring people, comforting people and changing hearts and minds. Morals and ideals have been passed along via stories for centuries, movies are stories, soap operas are stories.

We all have stories to tell, why not have a go at writing your own? Jo, one of the SYC Team was lucky enough to attend a workshop on story-writing for beginners recently and came away very inspired. It was run by Mata Haggis a lecturer in Game Narrative – see this link (scroll down to ‘How to Write a Good Story Quickly’) for a blog version of the workshop. Mata’s tips provide a great structure and leaves the writer free to experiment within good solid parameters.

Once upon a time there was a story just dying to escape from a person’s pen…